Successful stakeholder engagement & progress of Namibia Berries' development.

Loxworth’s #environment #social and #governance (ESG) management team hosted a #stakeholder engagement workshop at the Training Centre on its Namibia Berries Farm on Thursday 17 August.

National, Regional, and local community representatives, members of the Divundu Village Council, and delegates from the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) were invited.

The agenda included discussions on the positive impact of development on transformation and upliftment of #women in particular in the Divundu region through #jobcreation and training.

Loxworth Capital reported on its proactive #ESG initiatives and management programmes to comply with United Nations guidelines for successful implementation of #impactinvestment in rural areas. The farm is already using its established agricultural #training facility to qualify community members for #employment on the farm and to develop their own land for growing fruits and vegetables.

Namibia Berries’ 250-hectare blueberry farm will employ nearly 800 people and export high-quality #blueberries to international markets.

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Homestead fruit & vegetable gardens training area.