Raizwood Achieves Record Production And Export Figures

As a result of an extensive programme to improve and rationalise sawmill operations, Raizwood has successfully achieved continuous growth in production figures. Following the implementation of this improvement programme in August last year, production output increased by more than 30% by the end of the year.

These record output numbers continued into the first quarter of 2024, with an output of over 1600 m3 per month. As part of the strategy of continuous improvement and growth, the team is currently working on projects to further increase production in order to reach a monthly output of 4000 m3.

Thanks to this increase in production, the team was able to realise record export numbers. In 2023 Q4 and 2024 Q1, Raizwood shipped 155 containers – with more than 8000 m3 of product. This equates to almost one container for every day in a 6-month period.

These operational changes and improvements at Raizwood are not only impacting the sawmill's production, but also the safety of operations. An important aspect of the changes at the sawmill has been to improve processes from a health and safety perspective. The team will continue this improvement project in the second quarter of 2024, introducing systems and controls to make the operation more effective and safer.