Namibia Berries Empowers Local Residents Through Community Upliftment

Namibia Berries is committed to transformative initiatives with the local community in Divundu through a comprehensive community upliftment programme. This project centres on the establishment of an in-house training academy, as well as projects to provide fresh produce and water through the establishment of a community vegetable garden and the sinking of boreholes.

Namibia Berries’ in-house training academy aims to provide community members with important skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture and opens up avenues for personal and professional growth. Through training in farming techniques, irrigation methods and crop management, Namibia Berries empowers people to become self-sufficient and productive members of their community. The training courses are led by Dr Wilfred Singogo in a dedicated training site on the farm. Classroom-based learning is complemented by practical training in trail blocks, the nursery, the lab and on the farm. In February, a graduation ceremony was held for all participants who completed the "Agriculture Basics" course. The team is currently preparing for the next group of participants.

In addition to training, Namibia Berries is also promoting sustainable agricultural practices by planting a vegetable garden on the farm. This garden not only provides a sustainable source of fresh produce, but also serves as a hands-on learning opportunity for residents to grow their own crops and improve food security.

In addition, Namibia Berries has addressed the need for clean water in the area by constructing boreholes. By drilling boreholes and providing the community with reliable water sources, the company is improving living conditions and promoting the overall wellbeing of residents. Namibia Berries has committed to drilling at least two boreholes per year for the community.

Through these impactful initiatives focused on training, sustainable agriculture, and access to clean water, Namibia Berries is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of community members.